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Various 18th Century Paintings Set For TS4


Today I present to you a rather ambitious set I have been working on. I for one absolutely cannot play any of The Sims Franchise without old master paintings. I think they just add a certain ambiance to the look of a room. So I present to you the beginning of a rather large series of paintings I have planned. I decided to start off with the 18th Century as its my favorite era.

Here is some pictures:

So you might be wondering, how many paintings are there in total, well there exactly 158 unique paintings (I only repeated 2, since I just found them to be lovely, so you could say there are 160).
There are also a total of 20 different frame textures, perhaps your thinking this is great and all, but that sounds like A LOT of annoying swatches.... however you are wrong....... Being TS4 has this annoying swatch issue I decided to find a solution...... By separating the painting canvas from the frame.... Let's do some math to see why this makes sense.
There are 4 Frames... 2 wide, 1 s…

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